Pewant & Pewant Harbor

Ruler: Duchess Ellan Cobwinn (Human Female late 60) Great Grand Daughter of Conway Cobwinn Trader to the North.

Chandler: Pimver Pridegrove (Halfling Male late 40’s salt & pepper hair)

Population: est. 10,000 (49% Human, 23% Halflings, 9% dwarf, 7% elf, 12% other)

Industry: Trading port of the north, main industry is ship building, wool weaving

Noted Inns/Pubs: Goodly Knight,The Gray Chalice, Dirty Drum Stick

Notes: The city is broken into seven sections (Merchants way, Elven quarter, Gilded row, Stone way, etc) each with a large walls dividing the sections, dating back to the Dragon Wars and used Age of Demons. Most are in sad need of repair. The walls also are designed as granaries, to aid in siege defense.

Pewant Castle sits on the Western bank of the Tlylk River, overlooking the harbor and the river. It is an elderstone construct with 4 large towers sitting the north of castle. The castle is squat with elderstone outer walls only 20 ft high. A second set of walls made of gannet and bedrock are under construction but have not been complete.

The castle and the nearby country side is patrolled by members of the Order. The Empress’ garrisoned southern army which is known by their silver clocks with red trim. The leader of the Order is Cryan Haladriel, General Battle Mage, with residence within one of the elderstone towers.

The Pewant Watch the regional city watch, and maintain order within the city and local country side. There is a long history of disagreements between the Watch and the Order.

Pewant & Pewant Harbor

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