History of the region:

During the First Empire, the Elven Empire, when the region was ruled from a high elf city near the mountains, whose name a location have been lost to time. At some point during the Dragon wars the city was destroyed, by a group of dragons including one Ancient Red Dragon. Elves fleeing its destruction took up residences in the human city on the coast, south of their woodland cousin. The elves helped reshape the human settlement and took a portent role in leadership of the city under the ruler ship of Lemar Pewart, a high elf wizard.

The city was fortified and harbor defense increased. Humans and Halflings cohabitated the city later renaming the city in Pewant’s honor after he died defending the city from the same horde of Dragons which had destroyed the city to the mountain.

With the constant attacks from the dragons along the mountains, had not been prepared for the destruction brought upon the opening of the Demon Gates. During the Age of Demons, most of the records of the region were lost in the multiple burnings. The city as a whole reminded and survived, but the elven distract had been leveled to the ground.
When the Heroes of the Sanctuary closed the Demon Gates in the South ending the Age of Demons, Pewant City was in shambles and leading families quickly agreed to be added to the Empire formed by the . The city again grew and explained taking down several to the walls and rebuilding.

During this Age of Rebuilding, the trade routes to fabled Dwarven homeland in the Mountain know as the Spire re-opened and Pewant was the main trading port to the dwarven city.

The city continued to prosper as a city of the empire. The ruler ship of the city was managed
by a council of lords, made of a mixture of merchants, noble houses, and craft guild houses. Becoming beacon of trade in the north, being the fastest market to the City of the Spire. Secondly to the market of trade was the Sour Rowin Forest on the boarder of Tlylk Lake, whose lumbers made the strongest and fastest ships. After generations of prosperity, the Age of Myst occurring properties of confusing those who ventured into the ending the far reaching trade ended.

The Cities rule continued this throughout the Age of Myst, although it had lost much of its trading due to strange effects of the Myst, it was able to maintain trade up the Tlylk river. Two generations after the Myst started the Bloodline of Duke Caulrett died out. Through the various infighting a petty feuding the city was lost in chaos until an uneasy alliance of Merchancent house, Noble familes, and Guild Houses creating the seven seated Consul of Rule.

At the breaking of the Myst, the Consul of Rule, refused to rejoin the Empire declaring the North as their own rule. Their decision stood for a brief hundred years, until a marauding Orc Army march over the mountains laying siege to the city. A treaty was ratified returning the north back into the empire, and the city still under the Counsel of Rule governance, but the taxes went to the South.

Eighty years ago, Empress Chagay the female wizard, empress demanded that the harvest of the Sour Rowin Pine increase to meet the demand for the building of her navy fleet. The Consul of Rule deemed it unwise to over harvest the forest. With the Navy blockading the port, trade to and from the city was limited to the bandit filled Salt Road. This siege went of for two years as the Empress sent an army to the north up the middle road, with the backing of Baron Conway Cobwinn, the baron over the Sour Rowan Forest. Baron Cobwinn deceived the Counsel and broke the siege by allowing the army to march in. For his betrayal the Empress name the Cobwinn line as Duke of the North. It was her order that garrisoned the army in the city and placed Cobwinn as the ruler of the region.

Duke Cobwinn, first of his name lived only five years after his appointment, his son, Ense ruled for forty years, before passing the rule to his widowed Daughter, Ellan. As Duchess she has ever pushed towards the middle rule, attempting to meet her regions needs, and the pressing blade of the Empress’ wants.

Her son, Conway has been named as her successor. He manages the day today operations of the Sour Rowin Harvesting in from Cowinn Keep.

Pewant Region